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24 January 2013 @ 12:08 pm
Potlatch 22 is now just one week away! Here's some last-minute news and reminders.

The Potlatch track program schedule has been posted at http://potlatch-sf.org/program.php

The schedule for Foolscap's Friday writing seminars has also been posted, at http://www.foolscapcon.org/programming/writers-workshop/ These seminars are free, but you must sign up by 1/25 (tomorrow!)

The Potlatch 22 Local Guide has gone to the printer and is now available as a PDF for your pre-con research at http://potlatch-sf.org/Restaurant%20Guide%202013.pdf

The transit instructions we gave you last time about how to get to the con from the airport have been updated slightly: http://potlatch-sf.org/airport.php

Finally, if you are planning to come to Potlatch and still haven't bought your membership, it's not too late. The cost only goes up at the door and we would love to know in advance if we get to see your smiling face at the con. Memberships are still only $50, but the clock is ticking. Buy your membership now! http://potlatch-sf.org/memberships.php

That's all the news for now. See you at the con!
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