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David Levine's Writing Journal

David D. Levine
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Shorewood High School - Shorewood WI (1975 - 1979)
Washington University in St. Louis - St. Louis MO (1979 - 1983)
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animation, architecture, art deco, asl, barenaked ladies, bisexuality, board games, books, buffy, c++, c.j. cherryh, candas jane dorsey, carol queen, china mieville, chinese food, chocolate, clarion, clarion west, coffee, computers, cooking, critique groups, dave barry, de stijl, dhtml, eating, falsifying statistics, fandom, fantasy, fanzines, firefly, flirting, france, french, friends with benefits, gadgets, gay square dancing, geoff ryman, george r.r. martin, german, gizmos, graphical user interfaces, gui, howard waldrop, html, iagsdc, iain banks, iain m. banks, james patrick kelly, japan, japanese, java, javascript, jon singer, joss whedon, languages, larry niven, latin, linux, macosx, monty python, nanowrimo, orycon, parlor games, pat murphy, patrick o'brian, plenty of books, polyamory, raymond scott, reading, roger zelazny, sapiosexuality, science fiction, science fiction fandom, science fiction writing, sex, sf, shakespeare, short stories, sign language, smoffing, software, software engineering, square dancing, stan freberg, sushi, technical theatre, technical writing, theatre, they might be giants, tom lehrer, toys, travel, traveling, trilobites, usability, user interfaces, windows ce, wiscon, writing, writing groups
I'm a geek, fan, and writer in Portland, Oregon. This LJ is largely an echo of the writing journal on my home page (http://www.daviddlevine.com/blog), provided here as a service to my LJ-using friends and because LJ is cool.