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08 December 2007 @ 08:47 am
2007 in 12 sentences  
Infected by maryrobinette...

January: Went to a spy-themed New Year's Eve party (in honor of the year '007), then our usual New Year's Day brunch at the home of local fans Marc and Patty.

February: First, a public service announcement: the deadline for the Potlatch 16 Writers' Workshop has been extended to February 9.

March: Went to start chapter 4 and discovered that the quickie outline I wrote has Keelie doing just about nothing in her half of this chapter.

April: Last month was a wretched month for writing, apart from the Rainforest Writers Village.

May: Woke up at 5am in Phoenix yesterday morning, thanks to USAir stranding me on the way home from Palm Springs, but made it home in one piece and got to work by noon.

June: kateyule is in Spokane again this week.

July: Had a great time at the Writer's Weekend conference, despite the fact that I didn't know anyone there except lmarley.

August: No work on the novel in the last week or so, but I have written 9755 words for the next issue of Bento, which will go to press right after we get back from Armadillocon, for which we leave bright and early tomorrow morning.

September: Suppose you are an American tourist in Tokyo and you want to visit a museum on the other side of town.

October: The guys at work retired my keyboard.

November: Amazingly smooth travel.

December: Well.
Luke McGuffholyoutlaw on December 8th, 2007 05:48 pm (UTC)
This is fun. I remember a lot of people did this last year.

Maybe I'll do the first photograph post of the month again.