David D. Levine (davidlevine) wrote,
David D. Levine


Just a friendly reminder to the SFWA members on my list that the 2007 Nebula preliminary ballot closes today. Only those works that have received 10 or more recommendations by today will appear on the 2007 preliminary ballot. (Note, though, that this isn't the last chance to recommend... a work is eligible for a year from its publication. But it's the last chance to recommend for the 2007 ballot.)

jimvanpelt posted a dump of the latest Nebula recommendations report on December 28. As of that time, several works were tantalizingly close to the 10-recommendation mark, including my own "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" at 7 recs. If you'd like to read it, you can go here: http://www.sfwa.org/private/NAR/fiction/ (SFWA login required) or email me at dlevine at spiritone dot com.

I am such a whore.
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