January 29th, 2005


1/28/05: Briefly...

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A really nasty week at work, with two projects still both in crunch mode (one of them having an offsite meeting all day Thursday and Friday). I didn't have the energy to write in the evenings, but I made Kate promise to make me work on my novel tonight. Then I came home and noticed we had a party on the calendar. Kate very generously told me to go and write for an hour while she made soup for dinner. I love my Kate.

I wrote almost 500 words of the new prologue, then we had dinner and attended a fine party at Sam & Shandra's, featuring much fine conversation and a keen variation of the game Bottecelli in which one player thinks of a person (announcing the first letter of thenir name) and the others must stump him with trivia questions -- whose answers begin with that same letter -- to earn the right to ask a yes-or-no question about the person.

More writing tomorrow!!



I just learned the other day that I have been mispronouncing another brand name. The marketing departments at the phone companies Verizon (which I persistently pronounce verry-ZAHN rather than ve-RYE-zon) and Quest (queue-WEST vs. QUEST) and PalmOne, makers of the low-end Palm handheld the Zire (ZEE-ray vs. ZEYER) put a lot of effort and money into creating names with specific meaning and resonance... which completely bounce off me for some reason. I don't have this problem with real words. I wonder why?

1/29/05: Brutally killing a sweet little Jewish mother

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It took me almost the entire afternoon today to write, rewrite, edit, trim, rearrange, polish, tweak, and finagle what turned out to be only about 500 net new words, but I think the new prologue is done. I think it's good, too -- I got that little twinge at the back of my throat that's close to tears, and that means I hit something that really hurts. I think one reason it took so long is that I had to back up and take a running start at the Cedar Point disaster a couple of times before I could actually write the scene. But once I found the entry point... yow. It just came pouring out.

Basically I just introduced a new character, built her up, and killed her off in a little over a thousand words. But she's not just a throwaway -- she links to Jason and makes him more sympathetic and his motivations clearer. The act of writing this prologue also helps me get a handle on Jason in a way I never quite managed before. So although it took a lot longer to write than 500 words normally would, I think it's worthwhile. Especially because it's the beginning of the novel and it has to hook the reader.

Thanks, Dean!