February 16th, 2005


2/16/05: We've got lumps of it 'round back

Word count: 120329 | Since last entry: -538 | This month: 2376

I spent much of this evening massaging one little fragment of a scene, in which Jason encounters Clarity's old friend Honesty at the Platform. This is the first appearance of a Cetan (formerly Tauran) on stage and it has to carry a lot of weight. I'm trying to slip in a few sentences of exposition, so the conversation doesn't have to do all the work, but I keep taking expository sentences out and putting them back in because I keep waffling over whether or not the scene is clear enough without them. It doesn't help that I'm trying to establish details that didn't even exist before this revision, so I'm not 100% sure of them myself.

At the last minute I cut an entire small scene (which explains my -500 words for the day) because I determined it was, indeed, no longer necessary. But I'm not quite finished with the scene before the cut yet. Needs more massage.

And, as always, the cat needs vacuuming. First must obtain cat...