February 18th, 2005


2/18/05: Cue the spy music

Word count: 120917 | Since last entry: 588 | This month: 2964

Finished up the revisions to the first Jason chapter, in which Jason creeps about to steal the biocomputer. Raised the tension in the creeping-about scene by adding a couple near-misses of being discovered. Also went back and re-edited the scene with Honor and Jason some more. It's amazing how much cascading effect can occur from dropping one sentence -- since Clarity's sept name was revealed for the first time in that sentence, and I couldn't find anyplace else in the chapter to slip that information in naturally, later sentences referring to that name had to be rewritten as well.

It's improving. It's coming along, slowly. I persevere.

Thanks to Kate for going off square-dancing and encouraging me to stay home and write. 588 net words doesn't seem like much but I know the change is significant.