March 9th, 2005


3/9/05: Sort of out of sorts

Editing hours: 5.6 | Since last entry: 3.2 | Percent complete: 8%

Over an hour of editing tonight, but I'm still frustrated. I got in an hour on the plane to Potlatch, but nothing at the con and only a few minutes on the plane back. Monday was Japanese class, and yesterday I came home from work with a splitting headache and didn't have the energy to do anything productive. Which is not to say I got to sleep at a reasonable hour. Grr.

Potlatch was a pretty good convention -- had many nice conversations and meals with friends new and old, including jaylake, jedediah, zellandyne, elisem, xthread, akirlu, hal_obrien, naomi_traveller, and Lise WINOLJ -- but I felt rather out of sorts for the whole thing. Maybe it was just lack of sleep, but somehow I just wasn't in the mood to enjoy it completely.

At the moment I am trying to remember what in life gives me joy. (It's not editing, that's for sure.) I'm also wondering if, when I remember that, I will be able to find the time to do it. I'm bogged down with responsibilities and somehow not finding the time to focus on any of them.

This will pass, I think. Sleep would certainly help.