March 23rd, 2005


OryCon or World Fantasy?

As you may know, OryCon lost its hotel (it's closing for renovation, with no stated re-opening date) and had to find a new one... which also meant finding a new weekend for this year. It's now scheduled opposite World Fantasy Con. Argh.

As a Portlander and long-time OryCon committee member and attendee, I want to attend OryCon. As a neo-pro, I want to attend World Fantasy, especially since it's in Madison, a keen city full of keen people who put on keen Wiscons. OryCon's cheaper, of course, and if I went to WFC I'd have to go solo (Kate's running a dealer table at OryCon). But if my public demands it...

David's OryCon vs. World Fantasy Poll

Where should David go?
World Fantasy
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