March 30th, 2005


Poll results

Here are the results of the "Where Should David Go?" poll:
  • OryCon: 7
    Comments: "AFAIK, most of the usual Wiscon people aren't involved with World Fantasy"; "Be true to your roots, you can always go to WFC next year."; "Purely out of the selfish wish to see you there."; "Because being a fan is more fun than being a neopro."; "Tough call - and one I haven't made yet."

  • World Fantasy: 17
    Comments: "'Cause I won't see you at OryCon"; "I'll have a chance to see you then, and Windycon is only a week later, so you can stay for that con as well."; "you can then tell eachother about the one the other missed. So you each get a taster of both..."; "You should do what works best for you. But if you come to WFC, you could hang out with [us]."; "cuz i wanna see you there!"; "You'll make more new career-building contacts"; "it's a career move, Dave"; "I'll be at World Fantasy!"; "Professionally a better move for you at this point."; "Suffering will enoble you."; "I probably won't be at either, but if I were you ..."; "'Cos it's in Madison and I'm going, too!"

  • No Preference: 2
    Comments: "Can't David do both? If you must choose, I'd go for World Fantasy Con. It's supposed to be really good and it's in Madison and it has more potential to help you professionally. And take Kate with you, too."
Thanks to everyone who participated. Results should be interpreted with the understanding that most of my LJ friends are out of town.

I haven't made a decision yet, but I must confess I'm tempted by WFC, especially because with the Worldcon in Glasgow WFC is going to be an even more important professional conference than usual this year. On the other hand, there are lots of keen people I only ever see at OryCon, and I feel like I would be leaving Kate alone (though she would have all those people at the con, and it's not that we never go off on our own...).

Ponder ponder ponder.

Still sick, by the way, but getting better.