May 2nd, 2005


5/2/05: Nearly there...

Editing hours: 57.6 | Since last entry: 2.5 | Percent complete: 98%

Back from my annual spring trip to Palm Springs. Had a grrreat time; deepened some existing friendships and made a few new ones. Very relaxing too, with weather sunny but not too hot.

Editing time above is an approximation -- the total of half an hour here and half an hour there in various airports and airplanes. Most of my airplane time was spent critiquing, novels for my crit group and short stories for Wiscon (which is only four weeks away, yay!!) I spent a bunch of the editing time going back and re-polishing Jason and Sienna's last scene together, but also amped up the emotion at the first appearance of the Vaccinator and addressed a few nitpicky details (such as, how can Jason sign to Clarity when his arms are being held by the guards?). Left off editing at a key point where the Green Hills soldiers let Jason bring the Infector with him onto Raptor's flagship -- that's implausible. I have a better and more dramatic alternative in mind but I simply ran out of time to write it.

I will almost certainly complete this final editing pass this week. Then I have to revise the cover letter and synopsis -- the cover letter's in good shape, but the synopsis could easily take weeks of work. However, since the first couple of people I'm going to send the novel to have requested the whole manuscript it's not as critical as it might be. I'm just going to power through it and put the package in the mail as soon as I can.