May 31st, 2005


5/31/05: Wiscon report

Well, we're back home from Wiscon. Ate too much, slept too little, exercised not at all. Had a great time.

For me this Wiscon was not so much a feminist convention as a writers' convention. I spent most of the con hanging out with writers, and the program items I attended were almost all on the business and/or craft of writing, from the writers' workshop bright and early Friday morning to the "writers in mid-career" discussion group at the dead tail end of Monday afternoon.

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All in all it was a fine, fine convention and I'm really looking forward to next year's, which being the 30th Wiscon promises to be extra-special. But there was a bit of a weather delay in Denver coming home, so we got home late and I'm running on about five hours' sleep. So, to bed.