October 2nd, 2005


10/2/05: David vs. The Suck

Well, on top of the F&SF rejection the other day I got my first review of "The Ecology of Faerie", by Dave Truesdale in Tangent Online, and it could be summed up as "Eh." Usually I can get at least one quotable phrase out of any review, but this one... not so much. Sigh.

But! I did finish the first draft of "Titanium Mike Saves the Day." Okay, I'm not at all sure this one works -- in fact, I'm not certain it's really a story. But it's done, at about 5000 words, and I'll send it to my crit group after a quick editing pass (probably Tuesday, since we have symphony tickets tomorrow). Then on to the next. I really need to build up my inventory, which has fallen to just a few stories.

Writing is hard. But I persist.