October 4th, 2005


10/4/05: Done!

"Titanium Mike Saves the Day" is now complete at just under 5000 words, and off to my critique group. It'll be critted next Saturday and I hope to get it in the mail to Analog shortly thereafter. My first new story since March, and my first new solo story since... crikey, last September. Really need to get on the ball.

Speaking of which... in response to the recent meme that's been going around, here are the opening paragraphs of the just-completed "Titanium Mike" and a few other stories in progress ("in progress," in this case, means that they were completed a year ago or more but are now high on the list to be revised next).

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Google/needs meme

(Okay, two memes in one day, clearly my brain is collapsing.) How it works: Google the phrase "[name] needs", and post the first ten results. Gacked from bibliofile.

Dirty David needs a wash
David needs our support
How was your career shaped by David's needs?
David needs prayers
David needs your help!!!!!
Why did family not advocate for David's needs?
David needs to roar with pride
David needs to be able to do this work independently
We discovered that the David needs dusting often
What David needs most is support from a stable and harmonious family