January 12th, 2006


1/12/06: Backing up for a running start

Word count: 5833 | Since last entry: 176

Most of this evening's writing consisted of a quick editing pass through the whole story so far, cleaning it up and looking for cues that my subconscious had planted toward the ending, then straightening them up so they all point in the same direction. Still not 100% sure what the actual ending will be but it's definitely shaping up.

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(I've started putting my snippets behind an lj-cut because a couple members of my critique group read my journal and I'd like their unspoilered opinions when they read the story. It's too late for this story, of course, but since it's a rewrite it's not as much of an issue.)

Thanks to those who have commented on the last couple of entries. I don't have the time to post replies right now, but your comments are appreciated. (crazysoph, the current story is unrelated to the novel you've read.)