January 16th, 2006


1/16/06: Happy MLK Day

Word count: 900 | Since last entry: 197

And so we come to the end of a three-day weekend. Took it easy, didn't get a lot done. Tonight we had a book group meeting (discussing Sabriel by Garth Nix, which I found lacking in depth... but when I found out it was intended as YA, I became much more favorably disposed toward it) and then I took kateyule to the airport, to catch a red-eye to New York. She'll be there for a week, helping Lise WINOLJ clean up her late mother's apartment.

It's been a lightweight weekend for writing, as I said, but I did get some stuff done. Saturday I finished up the edits on the Jupiter story and sent it off for critique. Sunday I wrote about 200 words of notes on "Moonlight on the Carpet" (the story itself is only 900 words long) in response to critiques I received last week. Today I revised the story according to those notes... and the story died on the table.

The main problem with this story is that people get to the end and aren't sure what has happened. But when I added the information they need to understand the situation, the twist ending became obvious. I think I'm going to go back to the previous draft and revise again, this time trying to sneak in the necessary information closer to the end, so it's part of the ending rather than part of the set-up.

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Anyway, even though I only got in a net word count change of 15 today, and I'm going to undo that change tomorrow, I'm giving myself a silver star for an hour of editing.

Neither Kate nor I is very good at going to sleep at a reasonable hour when we're apart. So I braided some yarn and made us a couple of bracelets: blue to remind us to go to sleep, green to remind us to eat right, and red to remind us we love each other. We tied them on our wrists and will cut them off when she returns. Mine is telling me right now to stop blogging and go to bed, so I will do so.