January 18th, 2006


1/17/06: Grr and feh

Word count: 897 | Since last entry: -3

Spent all day in a meeting (as I will be doing every day this week) and then, when I got back to my desk, locked myself out of the payroll system. I must have forgotten my password -- not too surprisingly, given that we are forced to change them frequently and use passwords complex enough that they can't easily be remembered -- and then the backup authentication system decided my answers for favorite color, favorite movie, and mother's maiden name weren't close enough. Probably case-sensitive or some such garbage. Then I found out the people who can unlock the account are all at an offsite today. So no paycheck for me today. (Mind you, I did get paid, by direct deposit -- I just can't print my paystub.)

Got home late, to find a nice rejection from Cricket in the mail. This on top of a critique I received by email on Monday, which said my main character was "Nazi-esque" and the science fiction premise "disregards commonly known facts, basic physics, etc," and some other news which I won't go into other than to note that I found it far more annoying than it deserved.

I rewrote the carpet story again tonight, for a net wordcount change of -3, but at this point I have zero confidence it's any good.


1/18/06: They called me "sir"

No writing per se today. But I did put the story that was rejected by Cricket back in the mail, prepared the Carpet story for submission (but didn't send it, I want to take one more look at it before I seal the envelope), and got all the manuscripts for the Potlatch writers' workshop copied and mailed -- that last was a pretty serious chunk of paperwork. I also got money from the money machine, groceries from the automatic cash register, and postage from the automatic postal scale and postage dispenser... didn't interact with a single human being all evening.

Going over those manuscripts was kind of a weird experience, each one with its earnest cover letter: "Dear Mr. Levine, please find enclosed my application for the Potlatch writers' workshop..." Jeez. I'm just a fan who got lucky, you know?

By the way, we could still use one more pro for the workshop. If you are a pro writer or editor (and I have an exceedingly loose definition of "pro"), and if you're coming to Potlatch, and if you'd be willing to crit 5 manuscripts (the workshop is 4-7pm on Friday), drop me a note.