February 1st, 2006


1/31/06: Bad news and good

Word count: 3267 | Since last entry: -7

I didn't get a lot of writing done tonight (and that mostly editing the first part I wrote last week to fit the new outline, which explains the negative word count), because I was tending to a sick computer.

For reasons unknown, the music server was not visible on the network when we woke up this morning... it was up and running, but couldn't ping out or in. So I rebooted... and it didn't come up. Disk read error. I've tried chkdsk and a few other things, and now I can see files on the disk, but it still won't boot. I fear it may be a hardware failure. Might take a few days just to sort out what went wrong.

But! I got an email today from Asimov's... they're going to buy the Bigfoot story! I'm really pleased at this one -- my third sale to Asimov's, and my first new story sale in over a year.



2/1/06: Frustrating day

Word count: 3379 | Since last entry: 112

Spent the day fighting authentication issues at work that repeatedly locked me out of my account and had me talking to tech support in Bangalore a lot. But by the end of the day I think I got it all sorted out... which, functionally speaking, put me right back where I was.

Came home and fixed biscuits while my sweetie made tempeh stroganoff. Yum.

After dinner, sighed and reformatted the hard drive on the music server. After asking around at work and browsing the net, I decided I'd never be able to trust a disk with a broken index. So far I have reinstalled Windows XP and am now installing Service Pack 2. Oddly, after repartitioning and reformatting the disk only shows 130GB of the 250GB it's supposed to have. I don't remember if it was that way before. Also, after a fresh install I can't set the monitor resolution higher than 640x480, and I know it wasn't that way before. Same hardware, same OS. Why why why?

While the OS was installing I did manage to write my 100 words for the day, but I'm still working on the same damn scene. I need to move forward. But it's not going to happen quickly... I'm not going to be able to really concentrate on writing until the server is up and running again.