February 5th, 2006


2/4/06: Yum alas argh

Word count: 3881 | Since last entry: 502

Not much writing in the last three days, and here's why.

Thursday night we attended a charity event, called Cooking for Kids, in which we were treated to an exceptional French meal along with a lecture and demonstration by the chef, Lisa Schroeder of Mother's (one of Portland's finest restaurants). Collapse )

Friday I learned that my uncle Ben, who lives near Sacramento, had passed on. Collapse )

Most of today was spent in Tech Support Hell, trying to get the newly-reconfigured music server to connect to my network. Collapse )

Apart from that, I went square dancing (for the first time in months!), had a nice dinner at Buster's BBQ with some of the guys from the dance, and wrote about 100 words per night. I've finally moved past the initial scene that was causing me so much trouble (very hard to get all the information in without feeling infodumpy, especially given that none of the other characters want my first-person viewpoint character to find out what's really going on) but I haven't yet gotten past what I drafted in the initial burst, before I realized I had no idea where the story was going. I hope to pass that point tomorrow... unless I spend tomorrow talking to Bangalore again.