February 12th, 2006


2/12/06: Things to do, done

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I had a pretty massive list of things to do for the weekend, and accomplished about half of them, plus a few things not on the list. Unfortunately, some of the most important things didn't get done. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Things that did get done include:

  • Installed the DVD writer I bought a few weeks ago, and sent in the rebate forms. Collapse ) But I put the forms in the mail before the deadline, and the drive itself seems to work well (backed up my whole My Documents directory, except for the music files, to one disc in just 20 minutes). Unfortunately, the resulting DVD can't be read by the PC's existing DVD reader (though it can be read by the DVD writer itself and by my Mac). I'm not sure if it's the drive, the disc, or the way I burned it. But this is not a killer problem.

  • Did some tax research. Mutual funds, rah.

  • Wrote over 500 words -- less than I'd hoped, more than the minimum. Collapse )

  • Attended a fine party given for jaylake by bibliothec to celebrate his recent novel sale. mkhobson, karindira, and several of Jay's relatives were also in attendance, along with Jay's "The Child" and "The Niece". The food was quite memorable, including delectable crab cakes and two festive gateaux. The Niece (two years old) had trouble with the idea of eating cake when it wasn't someone's birthday, so we all sang "Happy Book Deal To You". A tradition I hope to continue myself, some day soon.

  • Saw two Portland International Film Festival movies: Giant Buddhas and Sophie Scholl - The Final Days.

    Collapse )