April 13th, 2006


Flame Warriors: The Card Game

Someone on my flist (I forget who) recently pointed me to this site: http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/

It really seems to be crying out to be the illustrations and fluff text for the Flamer cards in a Flame Warriors card game.

I'm thinking of something where each player represents a "side" or "point of view" in the flame war. You have a hand containing Post and Flamer cards. You also have a set of Flamer cards on the table in front of you, each of which can deploy Post cards, which are laid out in a row below the Flamer that posted them. There are many kinds of Post, and some of them are more or less effective depending on which Flamer deploys it (some can only be used by certain types of Flamer). I think there's a lot of potential for amusement value in the text of the Post cards.

Every Post on the table represents some number of points for the player who played it. Some Posts also have a chance of Counteracting another Post (removing both Posts from the game), Neutralizing a Flamer (removing it from the game, though any Posts deployed by that Flamer remain on the table), or even Converting a Flamer to the player's side (though any of that Flamer's Posts remain on the original player's side).

Some Posts are more effective when used in combination with certain other Posts. There may also be modifier cards that increase or decrease the effect of other cards, and action cards such as System Crash which removes Flamers or Posts.

Some Flamers have Admin powers, meaning they can Neutralize other Flamers without using Posts, but any use of Admin powers has a risk of negative consequences such as driving the player's own Flamers out of the game.

The game ends when only one player has any Flamers on the table, or when the cards run out. Whoever has the most points (Posts) on the table is said to "win", though of course nobody ever really wins a flame war.

I outlined this idea to snarke, who pointed out that "I think it'd be a lot like 'Spammer,' an actually-published game that, um, didn't do that well because who wants to play a game about something that's so annoying in real life? :) :)" Which is quite true. But I thought some of you might be amused by it, so I'm posting it here.