June 14th, 2006


Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim

I thought I ought to post the results of my question about the headline "Biscuit Lands Head for Logging," as seen in this post.

First, a special mention for billeyler who, despite being from nowhere near here, guessed (correctly) that "Biscuit" in this context refers to the Biscuit Fire, the lands burnt by which are going to be logged. (Though the logging has been delayed by court action since the headline was published.) "Some of these fire names are so bizarre you wonder what the inspiration was. New Mexico forests are being burnt out from lightning fires lately, and the names would make a comedy in themselves. Although it's not particularly funny."

Third runner-up was qiihoskeh, who guessed that it was about "a biscuit bringing somebody's head to land for purposes of logging."

Second runner-up was wild_patience with "Biscuit won the local logging contest, the prize of which was a severed head. Ewww."

The runner-up, who will take over the winner's responsibilities if they are unable to perform, was joshenglish, who was concerned because "Our biscuit trees are a natural resource necessary for breakfasts all over the northwest. Where are we going to get our buscuits from now?"

And the winner of the first annual Squad Helps Dog Bite Biscuit Award is la_luna_llena for "An enormous biscuit has landed from space and is heading for the logging camp in the woods! Get the bacon and gravy ready, boys!"

Thanks to everyone who entered. I didn't know it was a contest, but apparently it was.