June 16th, 2006


My take on the Cultural Appropriation hoohah

There's been a lot of noise recently in the writerly lobe of the left blogosphere about the question of "cultural appropriation." I missed the Wiscon panel where the recent dust-up started, and I've read only bits and snippets of the ongoing discussion.

The issue came up in the comments thread of a friendslocked post by another writer. In that thread I confessed that I had no idea whatsoever what, exactly, cultural appropriation is and how to avoid it. littlebutfierce pointed me to a couple of specific posts that helped me get my head around the issue, what I feel about it, and why people get so wrapped around the axle about it.

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6/16/06: Spyware scare

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Good progress on the writing in the last few days. I just wrote a horrific little scene that's all the more scary because it's not fiction at all.

I didn't sleep too well last night, but it had nothing to do with the story I'm working on. As you may recall, we bought some software to help plan our trip to Disneyland. Well, a friend read this blog and decided he'd buy a copy too. But just as I was going to bed last night I got an email from him saying that his anti-spyware program had detected a keylogger in the Disney planner's installer.

This was not a good thing. Keyloggers are among the worst kinds of spyware; they log your every keystroke and send them to bad guys who troll the data for passwords, account numbers, and other information that can be used to steal your money and your identity. I started wondering what secure websites I'd visited in the last few days.

But I ran a couple of different spyware checks on my system, and I read up on the keylogger his anti-spyware program had detected and looked for any sign of that one specifically, and I found nothing. Maybe it had been a false positive. I shut down and went to bed some time after midnight.

I rolled over at 6am and was instantly, thoroughly awake. I got up, booted the computer, and ran another couple of checks. Still nothing. But some spyware can be pretty stealthy. I submitted a copy of the installer program to my security software vendor. The automatic reply came back in a few minutes, saying that nothing obvious was found and that they'd get a human being to look into it.

By lunchtime I got the response: no sign whatsoever of any spyware. I asked my friend to send a query to his anti-spyware vendor. Eventually he heard back; they agreed that it was probably a false positive. Whew, and grr.

So: nothing lost but a few frazzled nerves. But it did kind of put a pinch on the whole day.