July 16th, 2006


7/16/06: Back from Seattle

Just back from a quick trip to Seattle, where we enjoyed the hospitality of akirlu and hal_obrien (and their very enthusiastic dog Sarah and cat Tinka) and attended not just one, but two Clarion parties: one at the home of kate_schaefer and the other at the home of author Greg Bear. The second, a Clarion tradition was an unexpected bonus, where we were treated to a delicious dinner and the sights of the Bears' lakefront home as well as fine company including authors Terry Brooks and Kathleen Alcala and, of course, the entire Clarion class of 2006 (notably including mcjulie, tinaconnolly, ben_burgis, and carolineyoachim).

Other people we conversed with at one party or the other included nnaloh (this week's Clarion instructor), markbourne, snarke, holyoutlaw, juliebata, janeehawkins, jerrykaufman, svtompkins, intelligentrix, anitar, jackwilliambell, and marykaykare as well as Elizabeth Bourne, Jordin Kare, Nisi Shawl, Cyn Ward, Vonda McIntyre, Eileen Gunn, John Berry, L. Timmel Duchamp, Andy Hooper, Carrie Root, Marci Malinowycz, and Margaret Organ-Kean AOWANOLJ (All Of Whom Are Not On LiveJournal).

In addition to the parties, we joined in a delightful dim sum expedition at Jade Garden (where they had spoo!!) and visited a couple of yarn shops and the U. District Farmers' Market (where we acquired a couple of different apple ciders and several cans of locally-caught tuna). On the way to the Bears' we picked up a baker's dozen donuts at Top Pot, home of some of the finest donuts on the planet, where I also got an Ovaltine latte (?!).

This morning started with a delicious breakfast with our hosts at the Brown Bag Cafe in Redmond (where a single plate from the "light" portion of the menu provided brunch for both of us, with enough left over for dinner for both of us) followed by a side trip to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. The most interesting bit of the museum was "Jane's Hot Shop", where a team of glass artists were at work on a life-sized skeleton in black glass; another intriguing exhibit featured glass dresses, cast (indirectly) from life. Much of the rest was, unfortunately, disturbing and macabre. Tacoma itself was also a mixed bag, combining dramatic architecture and natural views with charmless industrial areas.

Once returned home, we put some of the tuna together with new potatoes and lettuces from our weekly basket-o-vegies to make a nice Salad Nicoise, then I put the three stories rejected last week back in the mail (go me) as well as doing some other writing-related paperwork. And now, to bed.