September 14th, 2006


9/14/06: Briefly...

I put the fershlugginer novella in the mail to Analog on Monday. Thanks to matociquala, who posted an entry that made me realize the time had come to stop tweaking and send it out to seek its fortune.

The "A Hacker, a Machinist, and a Writer Talk About Craftsmanship" panel at the Portland PerlMongers meeting on Wednesday went well. The audience seemed to enjoy it; I know I did. It was like a good convention panel, but without the convention. There's a podcast of the whole thing here:

Fall has arrived. It rained today, for the first time in I forget how long. Also, I had a dentist appointment first thing today and I wound up working late, so I woke up in the dark and got home in the dark. This will become increasingly more frequent in the coming weeks, alas, until it's dark and rainy all day every day. (But it beats shoveling snow, and the summers here are gorgeous.)

I've been catching up on my critiquing, and my reading. Finished 40,000 in Gehenna and Fun Home (the latter is absolutely brilliant) and started in on His Majesty's Dragon.

No writing. This must change soon.