September 28th, 2006


9/28/06: Writing-related program activities

Word count: 3113 | Since last entry: 877

Another post-Hugo rejection in today's mail, this one from F&SF. Alas, he just bought another post-Katrina ghost story. I'd been afraid that might happen.

That made three stories requiring resubmission, so I went ahead and resubmitted them. Collapse )

It took entirely too much time to update my spreadsheet, decide where to send the three stories, and prepare the packages and emails. But I did get some more writing done. The action is cracking along nicely -- in fact, I think it might be moving too fast, because the main character has some backstory that I have to lay in so that the climax will make emotional sense. (I don't have a written outline for this one, but by now I know everything that is going to happen.) Ponder ponder ponder.

Changing topics completely... Collapse )