April 21st, 2007


4/21/07: Life is good

Word count: 32935 | Since last entry: 810

kateyule is back from Disneyland, having had a great time there with the eight-year-old neice. Today I got a haircut, did a few other chores, had lunch with katybeth who just popped in as long as she was visiting from Seattle, and had a delightful dinner at Mother's with a couple of square dancing friends WANOLJ. Then we watched Drive (I agree with Abigail that it lacks soul and texture, but I'm willing to give it time to grow on me) and I wrote another couple hundred words.

On the other hand, today I received another rejection. This was my 191st rejection (including 5 editor and 2 agent rejections on the novel, but not counting 10 cases in which the market folded before replying to my submission). I immediately resubmitted the story elsewhere. Excelsior!