April 24th, 2007


4/24/07: Slow night at the coffee shop

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Only jaylake and myself at the coffee shop tonight, and we only overlapped for about an hour. I stayed for another half-hour after he left, but didn't quite make 500 words for the night.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just throwing in incidents to take up space. This chapter was exceedingly thin in the outline. But each thing follows naturally from what preceded. I really need to be building up Rachel's backstory and inner life more, though.

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After I got home from that, kateyule and I watched Monday's episode of Drive, which our VCR failed to tape, on my Mac via MySpace. Truly it is the future.

By the way... Does anyone know where the original phrase "ink-stained wretch" came from? A quick Google suggests that it is a known phrase but doesn't hint at its origin.