May 10th, 2007

top hat

Off to the Nebs

Brief status update while sitting at the airport on the way to New York for the Nebulas. If anyone reading this is interested in getting together for dim sum tomorrow (Jing Fong on Elizabeth Street) tomorrow morning (that would be Friday 5/11), call my cell: 503-806-7562.

kateyule says "blurg." Or maybe "glork." She's not sure.

Last chapter was well reviewed by my critique group. Lots of comments that will improve it (I still need to get in more of Rachel's backstory) but all in all this novel seems to be better received than the last one so far. Also, this novel lacks the previous one's insanely complex timeline so it might be more saleable. (Still no word on novel #1, for which my agent has queries out at three publishers. Perhaps I'll see some of those publishers this weekend.)

Got my annual review yesterday. I'm doing well but I'm so strongly results-focused that it's actually hurting my work: I'm burning myself out trying to get it all done rather than prioritizing and letting the less important stuff drop so I can do a better job on the stuff that remains. I'm also so focused on the bottom line that I'm letting secondary tasks like education and teambuilding slide. I told my boss that if he was really concerned about this he would have put more than one person on this project (we could easily use three). But the bottom line (ha) is that I got a very respectable raise. I'm really a very lucky guy.