August 10th, 2007


Can I have my country back now?

Sitting in the gate at PDX. We're not checking any luggage, for a change, so we did the web check-in thing last night. When we got to the gate, with our boarding passes we'd printed at home, we discovered we had each other's boarding passes.

The smiling guy at the "security" checkpoint had checked our IDs and our boarding passes... and failed to notice that the boarding pass and the ID were in completely separate names (different gender, too). No, we did not pass through the checkpoint together. At the very least he should have spotted the first one. This has happened before, though the last time it was Kate with her own boarding pass for a different flight (i.e. one leaving from a different airport).

I am so tired of pointless, intrusive "security" procedures that inconvenience everyone and cost millions of tax dollars without increasing security one iota. Kate says she's ready to throw up.

ETA: Just noticed I also carried my little Swiss Army knife onto the plane. It was on my key ring, which went through the X-ray along with my wallet and the rest of the stuff from my pockets.