August 24th, 2007

top hat

Japan details

We have received our Japanese rent-a-phone numbers. They are:

090-8505-9279 (David)
090-8460-4749 (Kate)

These phones don't have international calling capability, so these numbers are probably only of interest to those who will be joining us at the Worldcon.

Also, the Japanese program schedule ( contains the whole program (including Japanese program items that might be cool for non-Japanese speakers, like "'Let's interact through SF illustrations!' The almost bilingual session") and room numbers, which the English program schedule lacks.

8/24/07: T minus one

Word count: 59594 | Since last entry: 14 | Days until retirement: 38

Today was my last day of work until mid-September. We leave for Japan in two days. I have to pack. I have spent much of this evening packing my computer -- making sure I have all the files I'll need to survive on the road for three weeks with little or no Internet access.

The worst part is going to be living without the phone, or the "magic rock" as Kate has been calling it. I've gotten so used to having email, LiveJournal, and most especially Google Maps available at all times that it's going to be rather like losing a hand. Especially in Japan, where being lost is the national sport. We'll survive.