October 22nd, 2007

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Convention programs

Huzzah! I have received my tentative programs for World Fantasy Convention and for OryCon.

World Fantasy Convention:
Thursday 5:30 PM, Broadway 1: Reading

Friday 12:00 PM, Portland room: The Internet: all the privacy of a post-card
Friday 4:00 PM, Portland room: How to win a Nebula (or other award): who votes for them and how?
Friday 5:00 PM, Eugene room: Space Drives: From rockets to warp drives

Saturday 10:00 AM, Mt. Hood room: Clarion Writer's Workshop
Saturday 11:00 AM, Salem room: Reading
Saturday 2:00 PM, Salon A: How has a writer’s workshop affected my life
Saturday 3:00 PM, Columbia room: Fifteen Microns and Closing: Bad science in SF

Sunday 1:00 PM, Salon A: Critiquing Writing - Why and How
Sunday 2:00 PM, Medford room: What do you mean you want a reading fee? Pitfalls to watch out for