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David D. Levine
07 December 2007 @ 06:41 pm
Word count: 71704 | Since last entry: 0

Latkes for dinner tonight. Yum. Haven't lit a single Hanukkah candle yet this year, though. And once we are done with dinner we'll be off to see the Christmas Ships. I am a bad Jew.

Although the word-count-o-meter above shows zero, that only represents work on the novel. I've actually been working quite hard this week, finishing up edits on an invited short story. I got good crits on it, which helped me identify an entire character and scene that could be cut (the fact that the character appeared in only one scene should have pointed out to me how little he was doing for the story) to get the story from 6300 words down to the required 5000.

Unfortunately, after making that change and a few others, the story felt... meh. Workmanlike. It had plot and characters and all that, but it didn't grab me. I had it all printed out and ready to go in the mail, but I just couldn't. So today I gave it one last editing pass, just for me. Because the market is a humorous anthology, I went through and added a few funny lines here and there, and amped up the ridiculousness of a few situations. It's better. Probably good enough to get published, in an invite anthology (I hope!) but I don't feel great about it. I put it in the mail anyway.

But then, who am I to judge my own stuff? The ones I really love are the ones that never sell. And at some point I think all my stuff is crap. But going through the manuscripts trying to pick stories for the collection, I found that I really liked them.

Also today, received an 11-month rejection from F&SF on that damn novella. I emailed it to another market but it was immediately turned back as being too long. The only other major market that would take a novella is closed until March (at least). I've sent a query to a UK publisher that sometimes does novellas as chapbooks, but if those two don't pan out I think it may be the end of the line for this one, for a while at least. Mama, don't let your stories grow up to be novellas.

David D. Levine
07 December 2007 @ 11:23 pm
"Saved By Zero", The Fixx
"One Way Or Another", Blondie
"Power Of Two", Indigo Girls
"Number Three", They Might Be Giants
"Four of Two", They Might Be Giants
"Five Per Cent For Nothing", Yes
"Excerpts From 'The Six Wives Of Henry VIII'", Yes
"Love Is The Seventh Wave", Sting
"Eight Days a Week", The Beatles
"Grade 9", Barenaked Ladies
"Ten O'Clock In Toronto", Christine Lavin