December 13th, 2007


"Light of Other Days" 3-D movie

jonsinger, who lives in Maryland, pointed us to a unique SF-related item in Portland: a short 3-D movie of the Bob Shaw story "Light of Other Days," playing through the end of the month at the 3D Center of Art and Photography.

We went this afternoon. The museum is small, but worth four bucks by itself. In addition to a space the size of our living room filled with various types of 3-D art, it also has several cases full of different 3-D cameras and viewers, plus a number of the original figures from View-Master reels (cartoons and fairy tales, mostly).

The movie was very well made, a good translation of the story with excellent visuals, although the acting wasn't quite up to professional levels. Collapse ) The film is still worth seeing, despite this logic flaw.

Not recommended if you are prone to migraines, dizziness, or simulator-sickness.