February 24th, 2008


It's all about me

I'm all over the place this week.

Here's a pic of me and reudaly holding Hiro's katana at Radcon. This is the "hero" prop (i.e. the most-detailed version of the prop, used for close-ups), so it's Heroes' Hiro's hero sword.

Here's an article about me from a wiki in a script I don't even recognize. (ETA: Identified by skaldic and crazysoph as Cherokee.)

Here's a message board thread discussing what would happen in the Babylon 5 universe if my story "Firewall" had taken place there.

I'm to be a guest speaker at the Immaculate Novelists Kult writing group.

Not to mention the dozens of fresh web hits associated with the Nebula ballot.

It's like fame or something. This is so weird...
top hat

In which grrm is wise about the Hugos

grrm is currently running a series of posts about the various Hugo categories, explaining some of their backgrounds and giving a few of his personal recommendations in each. I recommend reading these posts, and please note that I am posting this before I know whether or not he mentioned "Titanium Mike Saves the Day" :-)

As he says, the Hugos are important, and it is important that as many people as possible get a chance to influence them -- they are the people's awards in our field. If you are a member of Denvention or were a member of Nippon in 2007, don't forget to nominate by March 1.