May 18th, 2008


The not-so-good news

In my last (non-meme) entry, I mentioned that some not-so-good things were happening.

Well, it turns out that the not-so-good news is not really too bad. We think. kateyule has been having some Female Troubles, and got an ultrasound, which apparently shows she has a large uterine fibroid.

We've done some web research and learned that fibroids are common, almost certainly not cancerous, and treatable. Treatment options range from doing nothing, to drugs, to surgery, to hysterectomy, depending. The doctor says that Kate should see a gynecologist in the next couple of weeks but there's no reason not to go to Wiscon. She has an appointment for June 2.

We are hoping that this will not impact Kate's trip to Mexico or my trip to Taos in June. More news as it happens.