June 2nd, 2008


Free to good home

As part of our ongoing decluttering effort I have collected a large heavy box (maybe 14" x 14" x 21"?) full of SF-related magazines -- mostly Locuses, but also SF Chronicles, SFWA Bulletins, SFWA Forums, and the occasional Interzone and Cinefantastique -- which I want to get rid of. Anyone want it? Local to Portland preferred, or if you're coming to JayCon I can hand it over there. If you really want it and you're not able to come and get it right away, let me know anyway, maybe we can negotiate a handoff at OryCon or perhaps even ship it (I'd prefer not to, it's very heavy).

There's also a smaller, not quite so heavy, box full of miscellaneous fanzines. Same deal, but if that one doesn't go soon it will get donated to Seattle Corflu.