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David D. Levine
03 August 2008 @ 10:33 pm
Very busy. Having much fun. I keep forgetting keen stuff and encourage you to read other attendees' blogs for the full Launch Pad experience (and photos).

Amateur astronomyCollapse )

Everything you always wanted to know about starsCollapse )

Trip to the Wyoming Infrared ObservatoryCollapse )

Vedauwoo hike and planetarium showCollapse )

Binary stars and stellar deathCollapse )

As detailed as that was, I've left tons out. I can barely take notes as fast as the slides go by. This really is Astronomy 101 in a week, but I'm having a ball.

And even while I'm in Laramie, assiduously not writing, my stories are still out there and working. I just sold a story (to a market whose name I am not yet at liberty to reveal), and "Titanium Mike" will be podcast at StarShipSofa. More details as they become available.