August 10th, 2008

top hat

Hugo night

You probably have heard that matociquala won the Short Story Hugo and maryrobinette the Campbell. We are all so proud of both of them.

klages tried to call Bear as soon as her win was announced, but didn't have her new phone number. Fortunately, I did, so it was my phone that Ellen used to give Bear the good news. I got to talk with her too, and say "welcome to the club."

After the ceremony ended, klages, madrobins, kateyule, and I all crammed into a pedicab for the five-block trip from the convention center to the hotel where the parties were. On the way we sang "today's the day that Lizzie Bear gets a Hugo" at the top of our lungs, and other improvised songs.

We hit the Reno, Baen, and Ace parties. maryrobinette showed up at the Ace party, looking exquisite and thoroughly, thoroughly stunned. I know just how she feels.

According to the detailed nomination statistics just released, "Titanium Mike" tied for ninth place in nominations for Best Short Story and Bento came in eighth for Best Fanzine. Maybe next year.

I also had some important professional discussions at the parties.

I like my life. A lot.