August 21st, 2008


8/21/08: Hold harmless

Finished editing the magic lesbian plumber story and put it in the mail. Also finished putting the labels and stamps on the mailed copies of Bento #20. Also went to the gym, had lunch with deedop, and did some other errands.

I had a humungous list of to-do items when we got back from Denver. It's now almost two weeks later and I've gotten most of the stuff in the "do today" and "do this week" sub-lists done, and part of the "do next week" list. I knew at the time the list was insanely ambitious, so this is reasonable progress. Still much to do before we leave for Farthing Party, a week from today.

One of those to-do list items is to blog about a contract issue. I mentioned this issue at lunch with some newer writers during the Worldcon, and they suggested that I ought to blog it as a public service announcement.

A while ago I got a contract from a market I'd never sold to before. It included the following clause:

Author hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Publisher against any cost, loss, damage, expense and judgment resulting from any breach of Author's warranties and representations herein, including, without limitation, any settlement payments and attorneys' fees and expenses, costs and disbursements.
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