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David D. Levine
26 August 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Word count: 4560 | Since last entry: 689

Finished up the story I started on Sunday (it's titled "Galactic Stress," and thanks again elisem for that) at the coffee shop tonight, and sent it out for a real quick critique. It'll go in the mail tomorrow.

Went to dinner afterwards with jaylake, karindira, and cscole, where I managed to emit three witticisms in quick succession that literally left Jay speechless. He immediately blogged the first one, right there at the table, and the third one was "Did I make milk come out your nose? You aren't even drinking milk, are you?"

None of us can remember what the second one was. But it was a good'un.

ETA:It was "I'd much rather wake up with Tuesday Weld than with a missing kidney."