September 10th, 2008


9/10/08: TBA:08

Word count: 538 | Since last entry: 538

We've seen some amazing things at this year's Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival. Collapse )


  • The wordcount above is for a new story about werewolves in suburbia, which I should really be spending much more time on than I have been.
  • Bathroom remodel planning is all done. We have obtained almost all the pieces it is our responsibility to obtain. Demolition begins September 17.
  • I've decided to try this "instant messaging" thing that all the hep kids are talking about. My AIM screen name is my email address (dlevine at spiritone dot com). I'm not online very much, but if you see me online feel free to chat.
  • Kate dropped her two-month-old iPhone and shattered the screen. The "repair" (a replacement phone) cost $200, which is exactly what the phone cost in the first place (better than buying a new phone over the counter, which is $400 if your two-year contract is not yet up). But the replacement phone seems to have a problem with its accelerometer and will be going back to the Genius Bar tomorrow. Argh.
  • We've decided, at about the last possible minute, to attend Foolscap.
  • Don't forget that I will be giving a reading in San Francisco on September 20, part of the SF in SF reading series. nihilistic_kid will also be presenting.