October 6th, 2008


Voter Registration Closes Today in Many States

According to electoral-vote.com:

Today is the last day you can register to vote in 21 states (story also here). If you are not registered, go register NOW. If you are overseas, go to votefromabroad.org to print the registration form and also check if your state accepts faxed applications.

However, even if you think you are registered, you may not be. Unbeknownst to them, thousands of people have been purged from the voter rolls. Project Vote lists the names and addresses of purged voters in Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas (so far). If you live in one of these states, check the list TODAY to see if you have been purged and also check for friends, relatives, and neighbors.


10/6/08: Typical gnu and tiler too

Word count: 122386 | Since last entry: -392

Work on the bathroom resumed bright and early this Monday morning, when the tile guys arrived. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that we did not have the "bullnose" tiles (with one rounded edge) needed for some outside corners. Fortunately, those tiles are a stock item, and Pratt & Larson Tile is right nearby, so with the wave of a credit card they were quickly obtained. The tile guy set up his water-cooled saw on the porch and with many a cheerful "gzannng!" he began laying out the floor.

Unfortunately, laying out the floor required removing the toilet, and it won't be back for a few days. We have a portapotty for the nonce. Whee.

While the tile guy was "gzannng"-ing away, the plumbers returned to complete the jackhammering-up of the rotted pipes in the basement. The good news in all this is that the next stretch of pipe proved to be in better shape than the first one, and so they didn't have to carve quite as large a trench in the basement floor as they'd expected (this also implies that the sewer pipe beyond our basement wall is also in good shape).

In the afternoon I got an email from a friend who recently spent some time in the hospital and needed help with her grocery shopping (she's not yet able to drive, and pushing a shopping cart is also a bit much to ask). I seized the opportunity to escape the noise, and instead went to Costco. This was only a slight improvement in terms of reducing my stress levels, but I can use the karma points. Also the Athena chocolate-covered cherries recommended by allanh.

After a nice dinner of Tomato-Miso Soup (thanks to kaiweilau for the recipe), I heard a cheery voice from outside: "Ahoy the house!" This turned out to be samonwry, who has been known to pop by unexpectedly and is always welcome. We showed her the progress on the bathroom and basement (the basement was finished when I got back from Costco, and we scratched the date and a peace sign in the wet concrete) and chatted most amicably for an hour or so.

Then I sat down and cut about 400 words from chapter 10. Less than desired, but better than nothing.