October 23rd, 2008


Charles Phoenix

I have been a slug today. I really need to be working on the novel. I can't tear myself away from political web sites. This happens every four years...

At least I did go to the gym.

This evening we attended a slide show by Charles Phoenix at the Clinton Street Theatre. What a hoot! His schtick is that he buys old slides at garage sales and thrift stores, picks through them for the interesting ones (one in ten or twenty or forty thousand, he says), and then presents them as a narrated tour of the fifties, sixties, and seventies. The second half of the show had a lot of slides of Portland and Oregon, which the packed house really appreciated. It has the same kind of laughing-at-our-parents-and-grandparents humor as the Gallery of Regrettable Food, but all of Phoenix's images are of candid, actual people, taken by their own friends and relatives, and his son-of-a-used-car-salesman delivery is priceless. My face hurt from smiling. He's coming to Seattle on October 26. Recommended.