March 31st, 2009


Kate is glad to have a birthday party

Yesterday was Kate's birthday. I made her pancakes and fresh-squeezed OJ for breakfast, and bought her a KitchenAid mixer (which I am assured is the only acceptable kitchen appliance to give as a gift to a significant other). She's been faunching after one for years... I just hope we can find a good place to store it.

In the evening we had a small party, attended by people from all our different communities of friends (writers, fans, square dancers, and, um, samonwry and Rory, who are friends via fan kate_schaefer but are not members of any of the above). We ate pecan pie from the recipe maryroninette had used in Chattanooga, which was tres yum, and played games including jelly-bean relay, charades, and a variant of "telephone" or "exquisite corpse" in which players alternately wrote phrases and drew pictures based on the previous picture/phrase without seeing any of the ones before that. The one that made birthday pie come out of Kate's nose is shown Collapse )