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David D. Levine
30 April 2009 @ 12:05 am
Word count: 2001 | Since last entry: 586

Remember The Game of Life? ("I heartily endorse this game." -- Art Linkletter. "Who?" -- Kids Today.) One of the major decisions you had to make near the beginning of the game was to take the lengthy detour to College, and earn a higher salary, or go straight into Business, ensuring a lower starting salary but you'd begin receiving it immediately. Even as a kid I always chose the College route.

Writing a novel is like going to college, in that you are investing a lot of time up front with the hope of a bigger payoff later on. Though I am pleased for friends like gregvaneekhout and lisamantchev as they go through the throes of first novel publication, I'm also somewhat jealous... I spent most of last year working on my second novel, and now I'm waiting for a response that will probably take another six months or more. Meanwhile I didn't publish a lot of short stories in 2008, and I won't publish a lot this year even if I start selling soon. I feel a little sidetracked.

That's why I'm working intensively on short stories right now. I know the competition for the major short story markets is even fiercer than it is for novels, but I've had good luck with my stories and, even if they don't sell any more quickly than novels do, there are more of them out there so the odds of some kind of sale in any given month are pretty good. If nothing else, I get the thrill of completion every couple of weeks and the chance to start over with something new and interesting.

But I'm hedging my bets. I have another couple short story projects that will keep me busy through July or August, but once those are done I intend to start in on novel #3. Hopefully by alternating novels and short stories I'll be able to keep my name in front of readers while waiting for that elusive first novel sale.

David D. Levine
30 April 2009 @ 11:34 pm
Word count: 2556 | Since last entry: 555

Here's the squee-worthy detail I couldn't reveal before: I have been selected to write one of three new stories in a hardcover reissue of Wild Cards Volume One! It's kind of like a Director's Cut with additional bonus tracks... we're trying to create stories that feel as though they were left out in the first place. It's quite a challenge, but also an amazing honor -- like getting to write a new episode of the original Star Trek, then getting it filmed (somehow) with the young Shatner and Nimoy and then seeing it broadcast right along with the classic episodes.

George R. R. Martin has more details over at his blog.