June 20th, 2009


Buy my smut!

Circlet Press's anthology Up for Grabs, including my humorous SF erotica short-short story "Fair Play," is now available! It's an ebook and you can buy it from circlet.com as a PDF (currently on sale for only five bucks). Click the "More Details" link there for other ebook formats, including Kindle, epub, Palm, and HTML. Warning: explicit sexual content. (My story is sexual, but not as explicit as some of the others.)

This story was originally written as a "no exposition" exercise at Clarion West. I wrote eight stories at Clarion and so far four of them have sold, two are trunked, and two still await revision and submission.


In which I completely demolish my diet

Saw Up tonight, with square dance friends Bo and Don. Marvelous, as everyone has said, though I wish I hadn't seen the trailer because it contained spoilers (mild though they were). We saw it at the newly-remodeled Roseway in glorious digital 3-D and I was amazed by the lifelike sharpness and clarity. Every Pixar film shows off a new technology (it was water in Finding Nemo, fur in Monsters Inc) and in Up I think it was clouds and lightning. Also, unlike Caroline, the 3-D added to the experience and was never egregious.

After the film we went out to the "cart pod" at 12th and Hawthorne for dinner. Portland is apparently an epicenter of food cart cuisine right now. The "hawker centers" were something I really loved about Singapore, and we really wanted to try this "cart pod," which doesn't open until 8pm and runs until 3am. For my main course I had poutine at Potato Champion, which wasn't as good as the poutine we had at Frites Alors in Montreal (too much pepper in the gravy, I thought, though the base fries were quite nice). It did not come with a side of statins, though it should have. I considered destroying any remaining fragments of healthiness with a fried pie from Whiffie's for dessert, but sanity prevailed and I just had a few bites of Kate's chocolate-and-pear crepe from Perierra Creperie. The crepes were the real winner of the evening; several in the party had one and they were all fabulous. Will go again, I'm sure.

Tomorrow, we hit the gym first thing.