July 8th, 2009


Burning Skies today, driving to Seattle tomorrow

Word count: 9929 | Since last entry: 3176

Busy day today, ending with dinner with davidjwilliams and kzmiller before David's reading from his new book Burning Skies at Powell's.

The writing is going well but will plainly blow way past my 10,000-word budget before I'm done. Could be as much as 15,000. As I said, I see some places to cut, and I think the exercise will also tighten and swiften (if that were a word) the story.

Heading for Seattle tomorrow, to hang out with scarlettina and markbourne and e_bourne and attend the Clarion West party for matociquala at marykaykare's.

And that's enough namedropping for one blog post.