July 22nd, 2009


Mike Daisey's new show: "The Last Cargo Cult"

Brilliant monologist Mike Daisey (best known for 21 Dog Years: Doing Time at Amazon.com) is in the process of developing a new show, "The Last Cargo Cult," and its first performance will be in Portland on August 1 (one night only). We're going. You can find out more and get tickets here: http://pica.org/programs/detail.aspx?eventid=550

He'll be continuing the workshop process with six shows at Richard Hugo House in Seattle, August 7-22: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/73613

After that he takes the show on the road: Philadelphia, Chapel Hill, Juneau, Whitehorse, Banff, Providence, New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, and more. See mikedaisey.com for more information. (Well, Mike says there will be more information there but at the moment there isn't.)

Of the new show, Mike says "It is a monologue about the religions of two islands I have visited: the remote island of Tanna, where America is worshipped in massive celebrations beneath an erupting volcano, where magic is very real, where a war over what money can buy is spreading from village to village... and the island of Manhattan, whose financial engines are the religion of our age, a monetary system so complex and abstract that it scarcely can be said to exist in our reality, hovering and surrounding us like spirits we all must believe in with absolute, unshakable faith or our world will fail. This is the most ambitious monologue I've ever created, and it's shocking to reflect on how much has been poured into it: it has been a revelatory journey, and I am so glad to be talking at this particular moment about what money means to us, what it says about us, and how it defines who and what we are."