July 23rd, 2009


Impromptu trip to Seattle

A variety of circumstances have come together such that we will be going to Seattle tomorrow, leaving Portland after lunch Friday and returning home in time for dinner Saturday. We'll be bunking at marykaykare's for One! Night! Only!

While we're in town we'll hit the Clarion West party, possibly visit markbourne in the hospital if he's up to it, and pick up our six-year-old niece Alex. We will then take Alex home for a one-night sleepover at Aunt Kate and Uncle David's place (Saturday night), sending her home with her mother who's coming to Portland for a concert on Sunday.

We're also working on Bento. It has to go to the printer on July 30 if we want to have copies in hand for the Worldcon. Wish us luck.

In other news, I've participated in an SF Signal Mind Meld, about memorable F/SF stories. Check it out for a bunch of recommendations of really fabulous stories, many of them online. My own selections, I realized after I had written them up, say a lot about me and why I write the kind of stories I do. See my essay there for more details.

Also, klages and I will be Celebrity Party Hosts at the Reno in 2011 party on Wednesday night at the Worldcon. See the at-con convention newsletter for location and other details.


Water Bureau Field Day

A couple of months ago, Kate told me that July 23 would be "a surprise." We got in the car this morning and drove across town to... a big industrial-looking parking lot full of giant trucks and earth-moving machines. "The hell?" I said.

Turns out she'd signed us up for the Portland Water Bureau's annual Field Day. In other words, we went on a field trip. It was fun and we learned a lot about how the water we drink (and use for so many other things) gets from the Bull Run watershed to our tap. If you have the opportunity to go next year, I'd recommend it. It's free.

Me being me, I couldn't help but take extensive notes, which I present for your edification Collapse )